A Powerful Design & The Lightest In Its Class

Suzuki has once again reinvented the category again with the DF75A. Suzuki’s new generation of four-strokes, the DF75A is a showcase of advancements and achievements – like digital sequential electronic fuel injection, a powerful 2.59:1 final drive ratio, and a zero-maintenance self-adjusting time chain. All of this comes in addition to Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System, and newer models also sport the optional Suzuki Troll Mode System.

The DF75A hosts digital sequential electronic fuel injection, meaning it reads the electronic control unit monitors throttle setting, engine RPM, cylinder wall and air-intake temperature and atmospheric pressure all at once. All of these considerations cause the fuel injection to enter the combustion chamber at the most optimal opportunity. The benefits are smoother and faster acceleration, crisp throttle response and quick, reliable starting, no matter what the temperature is.

The DF75A 4-stroke outboard is the lightest in its class at 156kg, allowing Suzuki’s mid-range outboard category to a wide array of fishing and family boats. Being the lightest in class, it’s extraordinarily compact yet extremely powerful and exceedingly reliable.

Offset Driveshaft

Suzuki outboards are among the most compact outboards in their respective classes.
That’s due in part to our proven offset driveshaft system. This design places the crankshaft in front of the driveshaft through the use of intermediate gear reduction. In addition to providing an increase in power performance and adding to the compactness of the outboard, this system moves the outboard’s centre of gravity forward, resulting in better weight distribution and balance, better directional stability, and less vibration.

Lean Burn

The Lean Burn Control System supplies the right fuel and air mixture depending on the navigation conditions.


■ Significant improvement in fuel economy in all speed ranges especially at cruising speed.
■ Fuel use and expense are reduced thanks to improved fuel economy.

2-Stage Gear Reduction

This system which incorporates the Offset Driveshaft features a first stage reduction between the crankshaft and drive shaft and a second stage reduction inside the gear case. This design makes a larger gear ratio possible, allowing it to turn a large diameter propeller for high propulsive efficiency while providing high torque.


■ High propulsive efficiency with large diameter propeller.
■ Powerful navigation, maintaining propeller rotation even with a larger load.
■ Tremendous power to turn large diameter propellers, offering quick acceleration.

Suzuki Easy Start System

This system eliminates the need to hold the key until the engine starts. Simply turn the key once and release and the starter will remain engaged till the engine starts, much like a modern car.



Engine Type 4-stroke DOHC 16 valves
Recommended Transom Height 508mm
Weight 156kg
Piston Discplacement 91.7
Full Throttle Operating Range 5000-6000rpm
Oil Pan Capacity 4.2l
Alternator 12V 27A
Trim Method Power Trim and Tilt
Gear Shift F-N-R
Drive Protection Rubber Hub
Fuel Delivery System Multi Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
Starting System Electric
No. of Cylinders Inline 4
Bore x Stroke 76.2mm x 83.82mm
Streeing Remote
Ignition System Fully-transistorized
Engine Mounting Shear Mount
Gear Ratio 2.59 : 1
Exhaust Through Prop Hub Exhaust
Propeller Size 3-Blade Aluminium 23 - 66cm



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